Your Money Mentality is your money reality

Money doesn’t grow on trees, we can’t afford it, rich people are greedy, money is the root of all evil, do any of these phrases sound familiar? If you heard these phrases growing up, chances are they had a negative affect on your Money Mentality.

Your Money Mentality is your money personality. Basically, your money mentality is how you see yourself with money and how it shows up in your lifestyle. It’s an explanation of how you deal with money. It is a culmination of your past money history and your current money experience.

I often ask clients two questions. The first is, “what is your earliest money memory,” and the second is, “what is your idea of prosperity?” The answers to these two questions help me better understand the client’s feelings around money. We all have very personal and specific feelings about money based on our past money experiences. Getting the answers to these questions can be an important exploration that brings self-aware and clarity.

Why do we make the money decisions that we do? Why do we have money habits that we do? This behavior comes from our past experiences, even those experience that we witnessed and didn’t experience ourselves. The money arguments we heard our parents have at age three, the homeless person we met when we were seven years old, or the bully that stole our money when we were 13 years old, these kinds of experiences shape our feelings about money.

Our feels produced thoughts, our thoughts then produced actions and later those actions turned into habits. Much of our money behavior is subconscious. We are reacting not acting. All of this sums up our Money Mentality. Our Money Mentality is our money reality however frustrating it might be. So how can we adjust our money mentality without losing our great personality?

The first step is to discover your Money Mentality. You can do that by taking the Money Mentality Quiz here, watch the video and answer the questions to learn your Money Mentality. Once you determine your primary and secondary Money Mentality make a list of the positive ways you handle money and the negative ways you handle money. It may be helpful to think of ways that you can adjust your behavior to increase your positive actions while eliminating the negative ones. This is where Financial Therapy comes in.

While eliminating your negative behaviors don’t lose sight of the things that make you happy. When you are cutting negativity, pay attention to how you feel. If you feel like you are depriving yourself, maybe you could decrease the behavior rather than eliminating it. Remembering your idea of prosperity is a great way to stay on track and determine how much to give up and adjust.

Next week we will talk more about how your Money Mentality affects how you navigate the Money Cycle. In the meantime, get help from your friends by telling them what you’ve learned. Have them visit Presidential Lifestyle to join the prosperity club and get 24 money and mind set courses, plus more tips, tools, and resources. You can also join and this way you all can work together on adjusting your Money Mentality and creating the money reality your heart desires.

Try changing the money phrases that shape your Money Mentality to ones like; money comes easily and frequently, I am a money magnet, rich people can be generous, or I love money and money loves me. Add some of your own and repeat them throughout the day until your Money Mentality and money reality adjust.

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