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Studies show that your network determines your net worth. Most people are within a few thousand dollars of their 5 closes friend’s net worth. The company you keep can influence your successes or failures. If you are the smartest, wealthiest, healthiest person in your network, you may consider joining a group of people who are growing and challenging the status quo.

Are you a member of the Prosperity Club? Do you enjoy learning new ways to earn, grow, protect, gift, and enjoy your money and your life? The Prosperity Club is two things; a group for wealth-minded individuals and a prosperity coaching system created by Financial Therapist, Kiné Corder. Every paid member of the Prosperity Club has access to 24 on-demand money and mindset courses plus monthly Prosperity Coaching.

Every Friday they can get their questions answered on the Prosperity Report Facebook Live show. This is an informative broadcast that brings on experts to tell their story and answer your most complex questions. The Prosperity Reports gives you tips, tools, and resources to help you reach your financial goals and deepest hearts desire.

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