What I say when someone asks me, “What is Financial Therapy?”

Over the past 13 years, I have witnessed rich as well as poverty stricken people struggle with their emotions around money. Feelings of overwhelm, shame, guilt, confusion, stress, and defeat on the negative side and feelings of satisfaction, peace, power, pleasure and fulfillment on the positive side.

Money history guides are present financial decisions. We often do what we’ve seen our parents, grandparents, caretakers and society do, only to feel bad about it later. Financial Therapy helps one get past this pattern and helps one create a new more fulfilling pattern of abundance.

Let me ask you a few questions?

Do you spend money and feel remorse afterward? Do you sacrifice so much in the effort to save for the future that you don’t get to enjoy life today? Do you help others with their money emergencies only to turn around and regret it? Do you make a good living but still feel dissatisfied with your life? Do you feel like you choose money over living your life’s purpose? Do you think a get rich quick scheme is going to come knocking on your door any day now? Have you received a lump sum of money and lost it all? Do you do things with money only because you think they will impress other? Do you silently consider homelessness to avoid the stress and anxiety of financial responsibility?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you could benefit from Financial Therapy. The Financial Therapy Association created a long definition to explain exactly what it is, but I summed it up in one sentence for my clients. Financial Therapy is reconciling emotions around money so that one can push through prosperity blocks to successfully navigate the money cycle to reach the heart’s desires.

When you think about your deepest heart’s desire, do you see any patterns that have stop you from attracting it into your life? Have you experienced self-sabotage at any time in your life? What has held you back from reaching your goals? If you are honest with yourself what answer do you come up with?

These are some of the things addressed in Financial Therapy. The goal is to help you determine where you are, where you want to be, and create a Prosperity Plan to bridge the gap between the two. The word prosperity means different things to different people so Financial Therapy will be different for each person but what remains the same is the focus on wealth in all of it’s forms.

The dollar amount doesn’t count. What matters is that each of us has an amount that would help us feel secure. Along with that amount of money is an amount of time, energy, love, and support that one would also like to have in life. All of this can shape our life consciously or subconsciously. Regulating this lifestyle can become easier with Financial Therapy. For those who could benefit from seeing their blind spots and pushing through their prosperity blocks, I encourage you to explore the idea of Financial Therapy.

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