A “Money Mission Statement” can reduce stress and end arguments

Do you and your partner fight about money? Does money make you feel frustrated and anxious at times? Do you sometimes feel guilty for your financial success? A Money Mission Statement can resolve all of these challenges.

Your Money Mission describes the values around how you would like to earn, grow, protect, gift, and enjoy your money. It describes how you plan to successfully navigate the Money Cycle. Whether you are single or in a relationship it is important to have a Money Mission. The Money Mission guides you through money decisions and keeps you on track to reach your goals and heart’s desires.

The great thing about having a Money Mission in a partnership is that you can consult the money mission when arguments arise and the Money Mission will shut down any argument. For example, if the argument is over whether to lend a friend $1,000 and your mission on lending money is to never loan but to only give gifts that you can afford then there is nothing to discuss. It goes against your money mission to lend out money. You can however give all that you have available that month for gifts to the friend. That would be in line with your money mission.

By putting the Money Mission in writing it takes the guess work out and emotions of decision making. It also helps you stay on track with your core values. We get away from our values at times not because they aren’t meaningful but because we are clouded by the current distraction. A Money Mission statement can bring clarity, reduce stress, and end any money argument. This can add years to your happy marriage and subtract anxiety and frustration from your marriage and life.

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