The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to become rich yourself. – Wallace Waddles

When you are wealthy you can have more sex, buy more things, go more places, give more help, and have more choices. You can also leave a legacy. Do you subscribe to the idea that with more money comes more problems? Contrary to that belief, I believe that money brings options and possibilities that can add value to your life.

We know that money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness, but poverty doesn’t either so why not choice wealth. Having wealth gives you many of the things that create happiness. Wealth allows you to go out and find happiness.

When you are planning a vacation would you rather chose the destination based on your heart’s desire or based on what fits into your budget? Do you really want to budget for a vacation or put your vacation on lay-away or go in debt trying to enjoy yourself? No, you probably don’t. When it takes a year to pay on a vacation or pay off a vacation is it really a vacation? When you have to penny pinch and recalculate based on what you can afford it makes going on a vacation a daunting experience, instead of an enjoyable one.

Watch this Financial Friday video where I explore 5 of the reasons why it is a good decision to become wealthy.