Navigate the Money Cycle to reach your hearts desire

I believe that the cycle of money breaks down to; Earn, Grow, Protect, Gift and Enjoy. The order in which you navigate this cycle will determine your lifestyle.
Know your numbers. Know the exact amount you need to earn to live the lifestyle you desire. Get paid what you are worth and have multiple streams of income. Invest in your earning power. You should also recognize that you have multiple facets. Many titles make you the person you are, prioritize and capitalize on all of your talents according to your values. Most importantly, I repeat, know your numbers? What is the right amount of money for your lifestyle?
It’s not what you make it’s what you keep. You must preserve and grow your money by saving and investing a portion of what you earn. Whether you have millions or thousands, if you spend all the money you earn you are broke. Having a financial plan will help you set, stick to, and reach your goals. Invest in you and your family by staying educating and informed. Invest in you and your family by evolving, keeping a good reputation, cultivating your alliances and enrich your relationships.
How you protect yourself against unforeseen events will determine if you reach your goals. In this cycle it’s important to address setting boundaries, having a spending plan, having a financial plan, an estate plan, a sound tax strategy, but most of all having the right amount of insurance for your lifestyle. Between market crashes, job loss, death, and emergencies we are exposed to fluctuations in life and investing. The best plan in the world means nothing if you are hit with a catastrophic event and you are unprepared.
Your idea of prosperity should be more important than your neighbor’s. Don’t let keeping up with the Joneses distract you from your goals. Being prepared for opportunities and tragedy as they come can determine how quickly you reach your financial goals or if you reach them at all. Learning to handle both accordingly will increase your rate of success. This cycle will guide you away from making fear-based decisions that cause frustration and keep you from reaching your goals.
Whether it’s your favorite charity, your church, or your family, most wealthy people find themselves giving back. This is important because sharing your blessings creates positive financial karma. Invest in yourself by finding your platform or cause and giving a portion of your earnings to that platform or cause. You can also give your time, energy, and expertise as a gift. It is important to have a strategy around gifting that follows your values, maximizes your tax savings and creates your legacy.
You should learn to find harmony between the delicate mix between enjoying life today and saving for a comfortable future. All work and no play is not a prosperous life. You must invest in your interest, hobbies and leisure activities. This is what makes all the hard work and discipline worth it.
Do you know your idea of prosperity? My financial therapy coaching system will help you master and maximize your money cycle by learning to know your numbers, know yourself, know what’s important, and know the tools. This system take this complex money cycle and makes it simple, so you can create your idea of prosperity and reach your hearts desire, once and for all.
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