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Proven financial therapy techniques at your fingertips.

It's time to create your Money Mission and discover how to raise your prosperity consciousness. 5 Money and Mindset video and audio courses that help you establishing your Money Mission, learn your Money Mentality, and clear your prosperity blocks. Having a Money Mission is like having a sound business plan for your financial life. The Money Mission statement gives you clarity and confidence as you navigate the Money Cycle. Couples who create a Money Mission together can reduce arguments and disputes over money quickly and easily.

Studies show that millions of Americans site money as the primary cause of their stress, with work and relationships following close behind, which also affect finances. Our Money Mission program is part of the Prosperity Club. It can give you the tools to solve money, relationship, and career issues.

Money Mission program can help you take control of your financial life, reduce stress, eliminate arguments, and increase your prosperity consciousness.

Instructor - Kiné Corder has 13 years of experience in the financial services industry and is a member of the Financial Therapy Association.  Using her books, her speaking engagements, and her proven coaching system, she has helped thousands of people improve their well being, find their purpose, and raise their prosperity consciousness; taking clients from frustrated and hurt to peaceful and healed. Learn more at kinecorder.com

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What's included in your membership!

Prosperous Life Coaching Session

This intense Financial Therapy session gets you ready to tackle any challenges that stand between you and your new Money Mission.

5-On-Demand Money & Mindset Courses

Audio and video courses available 24/7 at your convenience. Each course is designed to help you navigate the money cycle, creating a Money Mission, and determine your Money Mentality.

Weekly tips, tools, and resources

Access to the private Prosperity Club Facebook group with weekly videos and private emails that contains a vital resource to your financial recovery. So stay tuned!

Special Events and Webinars

Periodically we invite our members to featured event and webinars where we often feature guest speakers. We also offer sponsor opportunities for members only.

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