Money Mentality Quiz

Are you a Enthusiast, Hero, Blamer, Spender, Saver, Artist, or President? Take the quiz below to help determine your Money Mentality.

Select the answer that best describes you. You may relate to more than one answer, but pick the one that is most like you.
Please select based on what you are right now, not how you would like to be.

What is your preferred way to earn money?
Do you know how much money you need to earn to live the lifestyle you desire?
Do you have a goal associated with each of your accounts?
Are you in the habit of saving on a consistent basis?
How do you think and feel about money overall?
What are your thoughts about insurance?
How much of your money are you comfortable giving away?
How often do you receive money as a gift, unassociated with any work you do?
What do you do to enjoy your money?
Do you believe money grows on trees?

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