Prosperity is my birthright – Manifest a miracle

I don’t know who it is but somebody needs a miracle today. This prayer is for you. This was heavy on my heart and I pray that you get your miracle. I am sorry that life is hard right now and that you feel powerless. I know you want to be strong, right? Don’t worry about being strong. Be weak and ask for support. Ask for a miracle to happen on your behalf.

Go to God with this Miracle prayer right now.

God I come to you asking for a miracle today. I know that in the past I have not felt worthy of your miracles but today despite my worth I asked that you cast your light upon my situation.

May I receive intercession from the spirits to assist me in my time of need. Let me graciously recognize, accept, and appreciate your wondrous powers. Help me to believe that all things are possible. I know that your greatness is beyond my understanding and please do not allow my doubts to cancel the blessings you have for me. I am weak my Lord. I need your strength today.

May my wishes be granted, may my energy be multiplied, may all things happen in a peaceful manner. I release and I let you handle this situation in your way.

I trust, I believe, I receive. Thank you God and so it is.

I accept your miracle.