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Best selling author and international speaker Kiné Corder combines a unique set of skills and experience with a forward-thinking vision for therapy. Kiné provides young adults, teenagers, and their parents with the tools and skills needed to live a prosperous life.

“I am dedicated to using my gifts to help others discover their gifts, says Kiné.” With a holistic view of healing, she helps patients go from frustrated and hurt to peaceful and healed. As a Psychotherapist specializing in financial therapist she also assists them in navigating the money cycle. With over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry and as a member of the Financial Therapy Association, Corder combines her experience and education to deliver brain-based therapy.

Before transitioning to counseling she was a Financial Planning Specialist with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.  Kiné noticed that clients needed help with more than just the numbers. “There is past trauma and heavy anxiety holding clients back from living their best lives,” says Kiné. Using her books, her courses, her talks, and her in-office therapy, she has helped thousands improve their well-being and feel more confident about their future.


Kiné speaks to and consults with clients who are dissatisfied with their lives, giving them tools to stop making fear based decisions that cause unhappiness, fear and anxiety.

Before launching her own company, Kiné gained international popularity when she worked as the spokesperson for ABC’s Extreme Makeover.  She was featured on Oprah, Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight and worked with various media entities including Elle, Marie Claire, TV Guide, People Magazine and also commentated on the E! Network.

In 2010, Kiné launched her company, Presidential Lifestyle, wrote her book, The Art of Starting Over,” and the Chicago native, migrating to Atlanta, Georgia.  She most recently joined Serenity House Senoia to deliver psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and financial therapy to help patients heal from trauma, anxiety, and PTSD. Here newest endeavor, Prosperity Club, helps couples plan their marriage like they planned their wedding. This virtual coaching community provides members with a 12-step program to communicate, regulate, and celebrate personal and financial goals.

She continues to speak to and consult with groups on the topics of “Money Can Buy Happiness,” “What’s Not on Your Resume,” and “Living On Purpose.” See below for booking information.


For speaking engagements contact:

Patti K. Gill | 404.720.2774 | Gill Talent Agency

“The Art of Starting Over” is available on Amazon.com or BN.com.

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