Day 6 – Accomplishments

Have you ever come in first place or been recognized and awarded for your work?  We have all done something we were once proud of but we often forget.  It is time to remember your accomplishments.

I have a nephew who is 15 years younger than I am.  He is one of my best friends.  I was always impressed with how smart and intuitive he was.  When he was young there were times when I felt like he was a prophet.

Once when he was about 10 years old and I was leaving from my grandmother’s house to go on a date he told me…don’t stay out pass midnight and don’t laugh at all of his jokes or else he is going to think you like him.  I was 25 years old so I knew this but at the time I was thinking, how does he know that? It was really good first date advice, but it blew my mind because it come from a 10 year old who had never even been on a date.

My nephew was always good at giving advice. Another day while talking to him he told me that I always talk about what I’m going to do and I rarely talk about all the great things I’ve already done. He said, “it’s like they didn’t even happen.”   I couldn’t believe a kid could have that kind of insight, but he was right.  I didn’t realize it until he mentioned it but I had taught myself that it wasn’t about what you have done, it was about what you were doing or going to do next.

At that time I had no concept of how important accomplishments where to pride, self-esteem and continuing to achieve.  Accomplishments help to keep you going and accomplishments are what make people hire you, follow you or buy your product.  So you have to keep record of your accomplishments and there is nothing wrong with doing that.

Make a list of the accomplishments you’ve made, the year you made them and the feeling it gave you.  Also, write down what you would consider your biggest accomplishment?  I talked about my biggest accomplishment in the book but now it’s different.  Writing my first book, The Art of Starting Over” is definitely my biggest accomplishment.

Next time you get a chance tell somebody your biggest accomplishment and ask them to share theirs.  Remind yourself how powerful you are.

I’ll see you in two days…

Don’t forget to share this stuff with your friends.  The reason why it is lonely at the top is because we don’t bring people with us.  Don’t go at this alone.

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