Day 1 Commit 

Each chapter is labeled by a day. It is a 30 day guide remember.

So this is Day 1.  It is a short chapter because it just requires you to make a decision.

The lessons you’ll have after today will be useless if you have not first made a commitment to indulge in all of the exercises.  Make a commitment to give your all and be open to finding more, power, peace and pleasure.  Be open to doing things a little differently than you have in the past.

If you want something you never had you have to do something you have never done.  If things were going well doing what you use to do I would say don’t make any changes and keep up the good work.  But since you are looking for more my advice is to try something new.  Making a commitment is the first and most important step.

When you want to stop you just need to remind yourself that you made a commitment.

Does that sound good? Yes or Yes?


In the book there is a letter you need to write and sign to execute the commitment to yourself.  You are not just committing to this next few exercises, you are committing to your over all goals.

Make a commitment now even if you don’t have the book yet and I’ll see you Friday.

For more details and to read the complete chapter check out the book here.

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