*Bonus day – Your Presidential Lifestyle

This is not in the book but I want you to compare and contrast your ideal perfect day, which I refer to as “Your Presidential Lifestyle,” with the day that you live right now. How different is your reality from your dream day?  Are there things you can do right now to adjust your day to make it closer to your idea of the Presidential Lifestyle?  What are some things you need to do in order to get closer to your perfect day?

We are unhappy, often times, because of what we are not doing rather than what we are doing.  Our jobs may be bearable if we had good times to counter the stressful ones.  If we spent more time with our hobbies, leisure activities or with the people we love it would make the things that we don’t like so much a little bit more bearable.

Try it!  Give yourself permission to spend more time with the people you talked about in your perfect day.  Give yourself permission to spend more time doing some of the activities you talked about in your perfect day.  Also, give yourself permission to explore new things.  When you continue to do the same things, that you don’t enjoy, over and over again that monotony can be painful.  Doing new and exciting things can add value to your life.

Share this post with your friends. They may need a little boost or pick me up so that they can find harmony between what they are doing right now and what they wish they were doing. This post will help.

It takes time to make changes but one step at a time you can create the perfect day and then do it over and over and over again until you have “Your Presidential Lifestyle.”  I know it sounds unbelievable and that’s because you’ve never done it. Understand that it’s only impossible until somebody does it so go ahead and do it.

Today you should visualize yourself in your perfect day.  Read what you wrote about your perfect day and see yourself in that experience. Manifest and attract it to you.


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